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Our services include, but are not limited to: 

Recording demos, custom records and label projects; writing and recording custom scores for digital media, television and film; pre-production; arranging and charting; producing; mixing and mastering.


Nominated 2018 as GMA Covenant Awards Producer of the Year.


E320 Online is a full production recording facility that has been catering to the recording needs of artist for over 21 years. Our desire has always been to offer the highest quality recording experience, technical excellence and exceptional personal service available in the industry. Since opening its doors, E320 Online has worked with artists and songwriters from every genre of music.  From Grammy winners to independent artists, to music scores for television, film and stage, our goal has always been an extraordinary recording experience. Nestled in the beautiful countryside of northern Alabama, we offer a unique and secluded environment that fosters a peaceful and creative refuge where musical moments happen. Located just eighty minutes south of Nashville, we are working with some of the greatest musicians and music professionals in the world on a regular basis. E230 Online is dedicated to making your musical endeavors a success.


Bob Carlisle  Butterfly Kisses

"In my many decades of working in the studio, I've experienced every level of professionalism, talent and ability.  Working with David Vest is always such a pleasure, not just because he's a genuinely kind and fun friend to be with, but also because of his level of talent.  He knows what he wants, and he knows just how to express it. But he also knows why you're there and what you're capable of  so as to let you shine and follow your instincts.  That makes for a relaxed  enjoyable studio experience. David is also a great friend who is always keen to accommodate  you in any way possible. I've yet to hear anything coming out of his studio that didn't sound stellar.


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Call David Vest at (256) 783-9703.

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